RBT... catch the spirit of the herb

RastaBuddhaTao is the non-religious belief that Bob Marley is Christ reincarnated.  Abraham, a Jew, bore  Christians and Islam too.  That is to say that there is One Love shared by all humans regardless of their beliefs ... it is Natural Law (C.S. Lewis). The Rasta provides the medicine, Buddha brings simplicity and the Tao provides the wisdom.  Rise above religion and just Love.

RBT designs and manufactures hand-crafted wooden vaporizers using a unique blend of high performance and organic style.  After years of refinement, the High Surface Area heater technology has proven to have great reliability as well as industry leading performance.  The Milaana and Splinter wrap the HSA tech in a unique organic shell that invites the user to commune with, rather than use .

Watch the video below to see our humble beginnings in the ADK mountains of Northern NY.

Don't blow your face off!