420 VAPEZONE  RBT Milaana Review: High Powered Convection Weed Vape

The Milaana is a wooden-bodied dry herb vaporizer powered by a removable 18650 battery and a patented convection heater. The Milaana is a cannabis vaporizer of a different breed. It’s completely unregulated and absolutely primal. You pack the bowl. You hit the button. You go for a ride!

MIGHTY vs SPLINTER: Convection Vape Powerhouses Compared!

The Mighty has held the crown for most loved portable convection vape for years, but can it hold its own against the award-winning Splinter from RastaBuddhaTao? I roped in Vapefiend's very own Delia to find out.

The Splinter Vaporizer Review | On Demand, Full Convection Vapor | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews

 Sneaky Pete's Overall Thoughts

" I think this will be a huge year for 510 vapes.  They offer some real advantages and the Splinter really has the technology figured out.  You get on-demand, full convection vapour that is incredibly flavourful and potent as can be.  Also, the Splinter is super-efficient with some stirring, which isn’t too much of a pain, and the fact that many people already own a 510 mod means that you can get a crazy powerful setup for around $130US.  Overall, this is one I’ve really enjoyed testing and it’ll definitely find a place in my regular rotation for its power and convenience!"   

RBT: Milaana Vaporizer Review 🤯

Hey Ya'll good to be back...this is a review of the RBT (Rasta Buddha Tao) Milaana Vaporizer, this is one of my top pick vaporizers for a number of reasons, leave your comments and let me know what you want to see next!

Splinter dry herb vaporizer review by RBT (box mod attachment

Ryan from Rasta buddah tao continues to bring us more and more wooden vaporizers that everyone seems to be enjoying just check out the community to see exactly what I mean.  This vape is a powerhouse and most people would agree. 


What’s up! This is my review of the Milaana vaporizer by RastaBuddhaTao, and I also have their Zion and Splinter vapes here as well (see full video review above). The Milaana is an unregulated, on demand, portable convection vaporizer. 

RBT: Splinter Z 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️ (510) REVIEW!!! On Demand Convection By:Rasta Buddha Tao - VapeLifeX

Vapelife X

RBT Splinter 510 Thread Herb Vape Atomizer |

In this video Matt is reviewing the Splinter 510 thread herbal vaporizer attachment by RBT.