Trouble Shooting

Please refer to the warranty details on the back of your users manual that accompanied your unit. 

Known Non-Warranty Repairs

Broken glass after 30 days of purchase

Batteries after 90 days after purchase

Damaged safety pick

Damage due to drops, excessive heat or excessive moisture

Damaged heater screens - The use of 19/26 mm joints (most common standard) instead of the shorter 19/22 (less common standard) or the latest 19/19 (custom RBT that has a 19 mm ground joint - 7 mm shorter than the 26 mm long 19/26 and 3 mm shorter than the 19/22)

Over temperature Splinter - Splinter has a max wattage of 50 watts and a maximum on-time of 30 seconds - Exceeding these conditions voids warranty

Over temperature Milaana - Milaana has a max wattage of 50 watts and a maximum on-time of 30 seconds - Exceeding these conditions voids warranty

Compressed battery contact - Excessive force or a drop can compress the battery contact.  See our trouble shooting guide to raise the contact back to the point of contacting the battery.

An over temperature condition is normally not repairable but see our store to purchase  a replacement of your heater glass or purchase a safety pick.

Known Warranty Repairs

Loose glass

Loose button

Loose Milaana bottom

Loose Splinter Fitting

Battery hatch screw loose

Please see the following list of failure modes that need Trouble Shooting

Loss or intermittent heat 


Please verify that your Splinter fails to work on multiple mod boxes if you have access (borrow a friends).  This will help to ensure the Splinter in making contact with the mod box .   Be careful to not over tighten the Splinter as this can crack the wood surround.  If you are sure that it is getting power and still have no heat, please complete the form below for further assistance.


Please unsure that the battery is making touching both the contact down in the battery hole and the copper.  With the battery installed, look to see that there is no gap between the battery and the contact.  Light pressure on the copper should flex the battery contact like a small spring.  If it is not making contact, use a bent paper clip to bend the contact back into position.  Ensure that the toothed washer is installed between the copper battery hatch an the thumb screw is tight.

Please contact your local retailer for authorization on warranty related failures.