• Do you Ship Internationally?

Rastabuddhatao only ships to the US and Canada.  If you are in the EU, please see our retailers VapeFiend of London.

  • What does the warranty cover? 

The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship.  It does not cover abusive conditions such as drops, falls, excessive heat, excessive moisture, etc.  Please see our full warranty language at (link)

  • Is there adhesive in the Zion and Milaana?

Yes, Loctite® M-121HP™ Hysol® Medical Device Epoxy Adhesive  is used to attach the rim of the heater glass to the wood.  This is the coolest part of the heater glass and rarely does it reach over 150 degrees F which is well below the 300 F temperature limit of the this epoxy .  Not only is the adhesive biologically tested to ISO 10993, a burn-off cycle is conducted at nearly 1.5 times the operating temperature to ensure any contaminants are removed from the entire heater assembly. The adhesive is not part of the primary flow path and has minimal exposed surfaces

  • What is the difference between the Splinter and Minaana?

The Milaana is an unregulated device meaning that the heater temperature is a function of the battery voltage so it drops as the battery drains.  Splinter is powered by an e-cig mod that delivers regulated (constant) power with the ability to adjust it's level.  Milaana is a "Full User Experience" giving the user control, Splinter is controlled given the user a more consistent experience with less required interaction.

  • What kind of batteries are acceptable?

We have approved the LG, Samsung and Sony 18650 high drain lithium ion batterie ( 20A continuous current rating.  Minimum voltsgr 2.5 V  with a 4.20 V at full charge.

  • Can I use batteries that I purchased?

Yes, but they must meet the requirements above.  (WARNING: 10A batteries will create an unsafe condition)

  • Can Milaana and Splinter be used for concentrates?

Yes the RBT vapes have temperature ranges that allow it to do low temperature herbs as well as high temperature concentrates on hemp fiber provided.

  • How long do the on-demand HSA heaters take to heat up?

Form a cold start the heater takes about 5 seconds to reach full temperature. After warm it takes about 3 seconds to reach high temperature.

  • Does the wood around the heater get hot due to normal use?

The wood is separated from the heater by an air gap and glass.  Inlet air is drawn in between the wood and the glass both cooling the wood and pre-heating the air.  This design element improves the overall efficiency decreasing the power consumption thereby increasing your battery life.

  • Is there Mica in the Zion?

Yes, there is a mica insulator in the heater to prevent it from shorting.  Mica is a natural occurring mineral. Mica is rated for 1100 F and only sees a max of 650 degrees under normal use.  No odor has been ever detected even after years of testing.  Mica is often used in gas streams requiring low ppm out gassing.

  • What does return shipping to international customers at US rates mean?

RBT will pay for the first $10 of shipping cost to return the unit.  The owner of the product must pay the balance of the shipping cost to cove the cost of shipping back to you.

  • What is the process of having my unit repaired?

Please see our trouble shooting page for helpful tips and videos to help resolve your issue.  If you need to send it in please use our RMA system to obtain authorization. 

  • Can I return a vaporizer if I am not happy with it?

Due to the inability to resell used medial devices, we are unable to receive a used unit.  Please insect the unit prior to use for any issues that are unsatisfactory.

Your out of stock, how do I get notified when goods drop?

Please click the "Notify Me When Back in Stock" button and you will be the first to be notified when it is available again.

  • How do I get a replacement safety pick? 

Mail your broken pick and a self addressed envelope with return postage to rbt po box 241 Gansevoort, NY 12831.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

  • Can I provide wood to have a unit made. 

No, our manufacturing processes require wood in board form to specific dimensions. 

RBT news letter / mailing list I can be added to? 

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Does the Milaana come with a battery and charger? 

Batteries and chargers are sold separately.   Since the batteries (18650 4.2V Lithium Ion 20 Amp)

What is in the air path?

Wood and glass upstream of the heater, stainless, glass, and mica in and downstream of the heater?