What is a vaporizer and how does it work?

A vaporizer uses heat to liberate essential oils form medicinal herbs.  This process is more efficient than smoking as combustion destroys some of the medicinal content.  Vaporization is also healthier than smoking as the majority of the herb is disposed of rather than converted into smoke. 

What heater technology does RBT use?

RBT heaters use High Surface Area convection heaters.  The high surface area provides efficient and rapid heating of the incoming air to provide uniform roasting of the herb.  Convection vaporizers are generally regarded as superior to conduction technology when it comes to flavor and speed of warm-up.

Is there a learning curve for RBT vaporizers?

In general it is easy to learn how to use a Splinter as it's power is regulated by the mod box.  The Milaana is a manual vaporizer meaning the heat is controlled by modulating the button.  However, variables like herb grind & pack, power setting, draw speed and duration will help to optimize the process.

Are RBT vaporizers hard to clean?

RBT vaporizers use a small basket screen in the mouthpiece to hold the herb.  The mouthpiece and screen require occasional cleaning with alcohol.  Small bits of plant matter may drop down onto the heater screen but can be easily brushed or blown out in between uses.  

Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, please see our home page for a retailer in your country.

Is there a warranty and what does it cover?

The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.  It does not cover abusive conditions such as drops, falls, excessive heat, excessive moisture, etc.  Please see our full warranty language on the warranty page.

Is adhesive used in RBT products and is it in the flow path?

Yes, Loctite® M-121HP™ Hysol® Medical Device Epoxy Adhesive (ISO 10993) is used to attach the rim of the heater glass to the wood.  This is the coolest part of the heater glass and rarely does it reach over 150 degrees F which is well below the 300 F temperature limit of the this epoxy. The adhesive is not part of the primary flow path and has minimal exposed surfaces

Does a burn-off need to be performed on new units?

A burn-in cycle is conducted at 1.5 times the operating temperature at the factory to ensure the unit is ready to use out of the box.

What kind of batteries are acceptable for use in the Milaana?

We have approved the LG, Samsung and Sony 18650 high drain lithium ion batterie ( 20A continuous current rating.  Minimum voltsgr 2.5 V  with a 4.20 V at full charge.

Can I use batteries that I purchased?

Yes, the battery is a standard 18650 lithium ion battery available at most e-cig shops. However, but they must meet the requirements above.  (WARNING: 10A batteries will create an unsafe condition)

Can Milaana and Splinter be used for concentrates?

Yes the RBT vapes have temperature ranges that allow it to do low temperature herbs as well as high temperature concentrates on hemp fiber or a bed of herb.

How long dose the heater take to heat up?

Form a cold start the heater takes about 5 seconds to reach full temperature. After warm it takes about 3 seconds to reach high temperature.

Does the wood around the heater get hot due to normal use?

The wood is separated from the heater by an air gap and glass.  Inlet air is drawn in between the wood and the glass both cooling the wood and pre-heating the air.  This design element not only keeps the exterior wood cool but also improves the overall efficiency increasing your battery life.

Is there Mica in the heater?

Older units employed mica as an insulator in the heater but has been replaced with ceramic in current units.

What is the process of having my unit repaired? 

US Custom units will be repaired and Standard product is  by replair by replacement for defects in materials and workmanship for any unit in warranty.

How do I prevent the mouthpiece from getting stuck in the heater glass?

Do not insert a cold mouthpiece in a warm unit as it might get stuck as the hot glass in the unit will reduce in size when cool.  If the glass gets stuck in the unit, cooling the mouthpiece with ice while warming the unit might release a stuck mouthpiece.  Care should be taken to not insert the mouthpiece too tight and a light food grade oil can be used on the mouthpiece to prevent them from sticking.

Can I return a vaporizer if I am not happy with it?

Yes, if the unit is unused. Due to the inability to resell used medial devices, used units cannot be returned.  Please inspect the unit prior to ensure the unit is of  acceptable quality.

Can I provide wood to have a unit made?

No, our manufacturing processes require wood in board form to specific dimensions. 

What materials are in the air path?

The air path consist of wood, glass, stainless steel and ceramic.