510 High Performance Convection Vaporizer

Artisan High Tech

Splinter wraps the HSA heater technology in high end, hand crafted wooden body with a 510 connection.  The versatility of the 510 connection allow it to be used with any 50+ watt mod box.  Today's sophisticated power electronics allow for everything from wattage control to temperature control providing a plethora of power options.  The vast numbers of mods available on the market today provide users with many affordable options to fit most anyone's taste.

Pure, Flavorful, Efficient

Sharing the same materials of construction of the Milaana (wood, glass, stainless steel, and mica) it is sure to provide the purest vapor.  60 Watts of power allow for thick, flavorful clouds... or you can  turn down the heat and enjoy the floral terpenes.  The 15/17 mm glass connection provide a convenient means of connection to other mouthpieces.  The high surface area heater is nearly indestructable and is sure to provide decades of reliable service.  Turn your mod box into a on-demand convection vaporizer today and .... Splinter your mind!