Unregulated on-demand vapor at the push of a button.

Simply Steampunk

The Milaana prides itself in it's simple elegance.  The handmade wood surrounds and eclectic mix of brass, cooper, stainless steel, glass mica materials.  A guitar pick serves as the electrical cut-off switch to prevent the heavy copper / brass battery hatch from contacting the battery when not in use.  The lone button provides you the ability to "Milaana" (modulate) the button.  In full control, you can unleash the full spectrum of vapor at will.  Less button on time and you can slowly release those light floral terpenes. More button on time and rip thick rich full convection clouds... The choice is yours.

Pure, Flavorful, Effecient

RastaBuddhaTao’s is committed to it's customers safety, so only proven materials and processes have been used to ensure unparalleled pure, full bodied, unadulterated flavor. A standard 18650 Li-Ion battery provides the power and 15/17 mm glass connection both lend to the convenience of this device.  With 45 watts of peak power, it can really deliver the goods with full "entourage effect" lending itself to efficient material consumption. 

Limited electronics housed in a small, simple, rugged ‘steam punk’ design allow for great portability and reliable work for years and years of daily use.   Simply use the button command the vapor you crave.